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  • If You Are Late You Can Have A leisure of 10 MC Days. After Then We Repossess your House.

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  • All Land Is Taxed Every MC Day

    Small Shops Must Be Taxed 1 Diamond

    Big Shops Are Taxed 10 Diamonds

    Small Homes Are Taxed At 5 Diamonds

    Big Homes Are Taxed 20 Diamonds

    Size Of Shop Is Determined By The Radius, Which Is Under 15 Block For Small And 15 Blocks Over Is Big

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  • This Law Means That The Spawn Laws Do Exist Here (as they do in every other country). These Laws Are No Greifing, No Harassing, No Stealing Or Anarchy Of Any Kind. If You Want To Start A War, Or Make Peace, Both Sides Have To Agree.

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  • This category is for the GGG SMP. If you would like me to make any subcategories for any reason, I probably will just send me a message on Discord. If you created a country, I will do that too for you. Just reply here or something.

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