What is Our Town? Our Town is a huge Minecraft Bedrock Creative building server. It started years ago and is being expanded as time goes on. Whenever “Our Town” or “OT” is referred to on this website, people generally mean the Our Town Server. You can join with your Bedrock client with the IP “ot.gggrealms.ml” and the port 19134. Instructions for Joining on Xbox can be found here.


  • Ministry of Our Town

    Section regarding the Our Town Ministry

    Court of OT
  • Category for news and interests about the Our Town FIB

    OTPD/FIB Cases (LVL 0)
  • Category and website for the OTPD group.

    Case Files
  • Anything about the various businesses that are beheld in the Our Town Server.

    NeXT (Business)
  • Report any bugs with the Our Town World/Server here

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