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  • MC on school PCs guide

    This USB drive contains the files for Minecraft java edition to run portable (simply meaning it can run without actually being installed on the computer)

    How to get to Documents Folder (PROB READ THIS FIRST):
    Press the keys WIN + E at the same time (The Windows button and E), and the File Explorer will open.
    Under This PC, go to Documents. You are now in the Docs folder.

    [Why? go to the bottom.]

    Here is how to get it on the computer you want to play on:
    1.) Left click then Right click on the folder in this drive titled “MC” and click Copy [5th option up].
    2.) Go to the Documents folder and right-click on the background and click Paste [3rd option down].
    There is now a folder In Documents titled MC. It contains the Minecraft game files. You can rename this folder if you like,
    but DO NOT rename anything inside of the folder.
    3.) Double-click on the MC folder, and then you will see two folders and one file. DON’T change the folders unless you want to add resource
    packs or something, but you can Create a Shortcut [4th option up] or pin the StartMinecraft.bat file. This is the file that you will use
    to start the game, not Minecraft.exe.
    4.) Once minecraft has started, log in like usual. Hopefully the authentication servers aren’t blocked ;).

    If you can’t allow minecraft to have network access, I don’t know what to tell you. You may only be able to play singleplayer then.

    Also, there’s a small change that none of the computers even have the Java code installed. If that’s the case, then this is also a lost cause.
    Minecraft needs Java to even be a thought of running, and you most certainly need admin access to install that.

    If you want everyone on this PC to be able to play MC (if they look for it), then instead of your Documents put it on the 😄 drive. But I don’t see why you would need to.

    The files do not move with you to new computers ------>>> if you switch to another computer, you must copy MC from the drive again.

    The District manages the Desktop, meaning you cannot change it, delete files, make new files or anything. you must do stuff in user folders,
    for example DOCUMENTS.

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  • New company

    Hello everyone!
    I have decided to make a new company in Our Town! It’s not started up completely yet, but it will be called

    As in Dunlix Mechanism Generation

    • Its main purpose will be creating redstone things for people, and creating *
    • automatic and electric things.
    • Right now my intentions at the moment are for it to:
    • Create electric systems for houses/properties
    • Create automatic things, such as doors powered by pistons/command blocks
    • animated things, like progressively opening garages and such.

    We will thank you for letting us be a part of Our Town!

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