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RM SMP Server

A Group for the Member's of the RM SMP Anarchy Minecraft Server.

  • How to import SQL ranks with phpMyAdmin

    Alert: Your database type MUST be MySQL and NOT SQLITE!

    As shown in my FivePD config.json:


    Go to your XAMPP control panel, click the Admin button next to MySQL:


    Click on the FivePD database you made:


    Click ranks


    Click Import:


    Click on “Choose File”


    Upload the SQL file:


    Click GO


    verify the ranks are now there:


    Restart your FiveM Server now.

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  • How to make country borders
    1. type the command /dmarker clearcorners
    2. Type the command /dmarker addcorner to add corners to the country shape, making the full outline polygon
    3. type the command /dmarker addarea id:CountryName label:"Country Name" weight:3 fillopacity:0 set:Countries
    • id:CountryName should not have any spaces.
    • label:“Country Name” may have spaces, but all spaces need to be inside the “quotation marks”
    • Change the set to the Country’s name without quotes if making a state.
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  • Citizens Bill of Rights

    All citizens in Dastralia have rights, and the government’s duty is to protect these rights.

    All rights are defined below.

    Amendment I - Freedom:

    • IA - Mind:
      • IA1 - Citizens have the right to think and belief whatever they wish to.
      • IA2 - ALL Citizens are entitled to their own private opinion, and cannot be punished because of it.
    • IB - Speech:
      • IB1 - All Citizens are permitted to say, upload, and text their opinion.
        • IB1a - No citizen may spread fake news/rumors/gossip for the purpose of or intending harm on another person or the government or organization.


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  • Law 12:War

    If Lancovia Is At War With A Country You Must Not Trade With Said Country. If This Is Found You Will Be Exiled. You Also Cannot Visit The Country if at war. Also If A Country Does Something Out Of Their Range of Laws Then Lancovia Would Be Able To Go To War.

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