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Currency of Our Town

Law 15

This section of this webpage describes Law 15 of the Our Town Server, which is set up as a law link in book 15 of the Our Town Ministry Department of Lawmaking & Enforcement over Lawbreaking. Its information, sections, and subsections are as follows.

15: Law 15 describes the money system and establishments of currency over the Our Town server. Additional ratifications of laws added to this begin with “15.RR.[sublaw-lettter]”. The rest of Law 15 is as follows.

  • 15A: Generation, duplication, etc.
    • 15Aa: As per Law 7, creating and duplication money through the use of commands or command blocks or any other non-legitimate technique is prohibited in Our Town and ALL OF ITS SATELLITES.
    • 15Ab (In appliance as of 6/22/21): Creation of Cactus through the creative inventory, or by using cactus farms is strictly prohibited. Businesses promoting and/or selling cactus or cactus farms will be shut down and all assets will be confiscated.
      • 15AbA: Converting cactus into money and vice versa is prohibited and is an arrestable offense.

15.RR.1: As per the Government shutdown of 6/19/2021, this law is not complete but applies as of 6/20/21.

In other words, law 15 is not yet complete, however, it is still an applying law with arrestable offenses.

  • 15.RR.2: As per the government shutdown mentioned before, taxes on businesses are raised 16.66% (Up to $350 OT$/MC day), overriding Law 13 and any applicable sub-laws.

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