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    Hello, I am Friend, and I’m going to tell you a story of what happened to me today. I will start with the class after lunch. So we were in science ( me and Matteo) and I brought cereal, pop tarts, fruit roll-ups, and juice boxes. I and Matteo were munching that shit down like a bomb falling from a plane. and now I’m in RETARDED TECH. I went to the bathroom for like 8 minutes going to all of the bathrooms for no reason but to waste time. when I went to the 5th grade one there was a huge shit in the toilet(bigger than Anthony). I went to the chorus one and surprisingly it was not closed bc yesterday me, Matteo, and Sam Moore were in there and I took almost all of the paper towels and I threw them in the stall. when Matteo came out of the stall a saw what I did o I ran down the hall to my class. then later that same day I went back to the bathroom with Matteo and it was closed, we were walking away when a guy came out and told one of the teachers standing by there(ms gutillo) what happened. This is word for word I think. “some kids threw all of the paper towels in one of the stalls”. so that’s how my day went and also in the 5th-grade bathroom there was also shit smeared all over one of the bathrooms stalls floor and someone the wall. have a good day😀

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