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    *Note: This case was declassified by the OT FIB on 8/17/22 at 21:11

    Case #092621-0052-FIB

    This case is involving player Denk Lands who is know as Engineer Gaming. They do not have a definite know gender, but it is most likely they are male.

    Their citizenship profile is located at https://gggrealms.ml/topic/284/engineer-gaming

    This case, with no facts yet, started as a LVL 2 classified case.

    Engineer gaming is a player with no mic and has “accidentally” stolen millions of dollars from NeXT.
    Clearly caught on this act, the money was returned and charges were not pressed, leaving this off of their record.

  • Moved from FIB Cases (LVL 2) by  GGG Dunlix GGG Dunlix 

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