Number portability understand what it is and how it works

  • Do you know what number portability is? If your answer was no, it’s time to understand how portability works. Learn how to ensure that your rights are always preserved and respected. Despite being a simple procedure, portability can still raise some doubts. In this article, we are going to talk about the topic and show how portability can be used as an ally to optimize resources, reduce costs and improve results, including in companies that use cloud technology to make their calls. Curious? Continue Japan Phone Number to stay informed and clarify relevant questions on the subject. Only in this way will you obtain increasingly advantageous conditions. Check out!

    Number portability is the process that allows the consumer to change their telephone operator, without their number being changed. This service has been in place for more than ten years and is increasingly requested by Brazilians. The request takes place in different situations. But, normally, it occurs when the customer considers that the operator’s services do not satisfy him/her satisfactorily or that the tariffs and fees no longer fit in his/her pocket. Available to the Brazilian consumer since 2007, the portability process started in 2008, gradually proceeding until all DDDs in the country could be covered by the service. types of portability Portability can be of 3 types in Brazil: operator, address and plan. In the case of carrier portability, the consumer can request the change of company without changing their number, as mentioned.

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    When it comes to address portability, the same landline line can be transferred to another location, without the need to change the number or operator. Finally, plan portability allows the plan contracted with a particular operator to be modified, without the need to change the number. This option is valid without distinction for changes in control, prepaid and postpaid plans. What are the cases where number portability is possible? Whether between landlines or mobile phones, number portability, nowadays, is allowed to happen successfully. However, it will not be possible for this switch to take place between fixed-to-mobile services or vice versa. Before requesting portability, it is worth informing yourself about your loyalty contract.

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