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    OUR TOWN change-log
    Current version: v3.6.116100.10

    VERSION NUMBERS: first is major version, next is minor version, then Minecraft version, then minor change

    V3.7.116201.1 (as of 1/8/2021)

    • updated to current Minecraft version
    • Lots of builds
    • New money system replaces the cactus and egg system, money is in a scoreboard to show you how much you have. You can buy certain things around the map for money
    • You can give other players money at the OT Trading center
    • New ministry department: department of locations

    V3.7 changes

    • The server is now a public server, with ot.gggrealms.tk and port 19134
    • More error codes
    • Lots of bug fixes
    • Lag fixes
    • More bug and lag fixes

    V3.6.116100.10 changes

    • Restored the old PvP arena, and added stadium seats. Courtesy of Sean and Josh
    • Snow is still here. Adding defrosters to the roads still…
    • Added some delays to the server safe mode.
    • Monarch is now nonessential, and forward projects are canceled by the owner, Sean.
    • Minor builds
    • Newer server/Minecraft version.
    • Minor glitch and lag fixes

    V3.6.11640.5 changes
    WINTER 2020 update! Added snow. This update also came early.
    Minor builds
    Added a server safe mode but this is only for emergencies.

    V3.5.11640.0 Changes:
    Minor builds

    V3.5.11640.11 Changes:
    added courthouse to back of Ministry
    New mini-games being made near the Ministry and Old OT2
    Added new bottom floor to the ministry: department of locations
    Increased flat land distance
    Command Bunker will begin to transfer its contents to the Server Room
    POWER PLANT update is in its last stages
    Power plant size was widened; reclaiming property space
    NOTE: the WINTER 2020 update will come with lots of snow, on November 10th, 2020. The Christmas 2020 will come December 21, 2020

    V3.5.11620.7 Changes:
    THE POWER PLANT UPDATE: started working on this>> will make the power plant be much less obstructive, accident-prone, laggy, and it will make power distribution much faster.———-—————-minor power interruptions should be expected periodically, but they will be small and mostly invisible.
    Server update! — with a server room beginning to fill with Command Blocks, I have introduced error codes to help you find out exactly what’s wrong and the quickest fix.
    FALL 2020 update added an autumn resource pack that makes most leaves and saplings colorful, which will be a smooth transition to the WINTER 2020 pack.
    ElementsToBlocks, the resource pack that replaces elements ( in the LAST block group of the creative inv. building blocks section) had received a few more texture updates
    New skyscraper next to the NASA building, I need name suggestions
    Added a large customizable red stone lamp billboard near NASA.
    New courthouse/board of OT meeting place. Close to the border of old OT2 and near NeXT Entertainment, Inc. Headquarters.

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